Shotters Lawyers firmly believe in the benefit of disputing parties attending mediation to try to resolve their dispute. They have extensive experience assisting clients’ disputes in areas including :

  • commercial matters
  • partnerships
  • employment issues
  • building contracts

Their experience leads them to believe that more often than not, parties benefit from attending mediation before commencing litigation proceedings.

Benefits to clients in attending mediation include:

  • early resolution of the dispute
  • recognition of the issues in dispute even if the issues are not resolved
  • a more cost effective outcome for all parties

Mediation involves the willing participation of all the disputing parties who must attend the mediation genuinely wanting to resolve the dispute. Matters resolved in mediation are binding on the parties and more often than not the terms of settlement are kept confidential.

If the matter is not resolved at mediation, the parties cannot use anything disclosed in the mediation in any subsequent court case. It is on this basis that the parties can speak freely in mediation knowing that anything they say cannot be used against them in court.

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